Blogging VS. Youtube: The Struggle Continues

youtube vs blog

I’M BACK. No, I didn’t stop blogging because it all got a bit too difficult. And I didn’t stop blogging because I got lazy (although, I have been living that potato life today, can’t even lie about that). I took a few weeks off due to going overseas, and while I should have been a bit more proactive and planned ahead, written a bunch of posts and scheduled the lot – I also had to make a choice. Work on my blog, or work on my YouTube? Well friends, take a guess which one won that battle?

The thing is, I enjoy both mediums. I love making videos, and I really enjoy writing! I mean, have you seen my video descriptions?! Probably not tbh, no-one reads those like, ever. But basically, I can’t help but write. A lot. It’s natural! So blogging is fun for me. However, there’s a downside. And to anyone who straddles multiple social media’s, you might even know what I’m about to say:

Blogging doesn’t make me money. Youtube does.

Maybe that sounds way too blunt and like a giant money-grab, but that’s not even it. It’s more-so about getting back how much you put in. I’ve put more than 7 years into Youtube, and while it is absolutely no-where near making me enough money to cover my bills bills bills, it is something. Meanwhile, I’ve put a few years into blogging, but it’s been erratic: I’ve come, I’ve gone, I’ve come back, I’ve gone again, I’ve forgotten it, I’ve moved it, I’ve left it for months on end to wade in it’s own filth… you get the idea. I’ve treated it badly, and it’s given me financial nada in return, as it should.

My blog is a great example of how I struggle with discipline.

It doesn’t make me want to stop blogging and funnel my time into Youtube entirely; like I said, I enjoy writing too much. I enjoy this side of personal expression, and I see the potential in further exploration of this medium.

And without a doubt, Youtube is one of the most frustrating socials you could ever throw yourself into.

I know I need to put more of my time and energy into blogging in order to rise it from the dead. I know I need to be delivering content that you guys are genuinely interested in seeing. And taking some time off, as terrible as that is for my analytics, did give me time to think about one of the key proponents of any decent blog, video or social: direction.

You cannot deliver consistent, quality content unless you have direction.

It’s important to keep the “big picture” in mind when you’re working, otherwise the constant drive required to get you where you need to go will putter out. The hustle will drive you to pure insomnia, and you’ll be constantly asking yourself “What the eff is even the point?!” Don’t let yourself get to that stage. Know your direction, and allow it to focus and re-focus you.

My direction involves both Youtube, blog and Instagram. I want to continue sharing skincare products and reviews, but I can’t help shake how much I love Youtube.

Therefore, in the future, I’d like to post more about it.

I used to write articles about “How to Youtube” years ago, back when this was on Blogger, not WordPress! My passion for it hasn’t diminished, and it could even be useful for any of you out there who are interested in dipping your toes into those waters. Let me know if it is, and what you think about all of this. I don’t think it will be a huge shift, but your words matter. Tell me what you want, and if there’s any Youtube related topics you’d like to see covered.

The alternative to this, and again, tell me what you bloody well think, is to start a completely separate blog dedicated to YouTube tips and helping others progress and achieve their goals on that medium, and keep THIS blog entirely skincare focused.

What I do depends on you. You are who matters here, your opinion counts! You are far more valuable than you think – I want to make content you want to see. Make yourself heard, and I’ll see you next time, maybe even with the verdict!

Xx Jess

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  1. Tessa
    August 23, 2017 / 11:52 pm

    As a longtime subscriber of your YouTube channel, I am very much enjoying reading your blog posts and getting to know the “written Jess” if you will!
    In terms of the How To YouTube series, this is something I am super excited for in addition to your regular content 🙂
    I don’t see why you would need a separate blog or website for this type of content when it could just be an awesome new aspect of your current blog for a diverse range of posts!

    • August 24, 2017 / 9:44 am

      Hey Tessa! Thank you for letting me know your thoughts about my blog direction! It’s hard for me to figure out these kinds of things, so hearing that from you is a big deal and helps a lot. It’s good to know what people are interested in, I just don’t ever want to bore ya! ^_^

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