Dreams Unlocked: What To Do If You Achieve Your Dreams?

I feel like a lot of YouTubers need to take a break, figure things out, and then come back with fresh brains ready to rock and roll. That’s what burn out is all about! I don’t think I had burn out. Actually, I haven’t stopped working!! Even though I haven’t been here, I have been constantly creating a totally separate business about how to make videos, and now it’s ready to be released into the wilds of the internet! View Post

Acne Update (And Why I’m Going On Accutane… Again)

I’m not completely sure what the overlap is like between my YouTube channel and my blog. If you’re following my acne update videos, then a lot of what I’m about to spill here won’t be news. You know how rough it’s been, especially the last month or so. You know my usual chipper personality took a punch to the gut over how severe my acne got. You know I reached the end of the line. Making the decision to go back on Accutane was deeply challenging on multiple levels. But I have to give myself one last chance. View Post

Blogging VS. Youtube: The Struggle Continues

I’M BACK. No, I didn’t stop blogging because it all got a bit too difficult. And I didn’t stop blogging because I got lazy (although, I have been living that potato life today, can’t even lie about that). I took a few weeks off due to going overseas, and while I should have been a bit more proactive and planned ahead, written a bunch of posts and scheduled the lot – I also had to make a choice. Work on my blog, or work on my YouTube? Well friends, take a guess which one won that battle? View Post

When you’ve still got acne in your 30’s

I thought I’d be over this by now. And to be honest, for a little while, I was. Less than a year ago, my skin might have been scarred but I had absolutely no active acne, and I went outside without makeup on. And not just down to get the mail, I went shopping. Shopping without my mask on. I still felt self-conscious, red, raw, marked for life… but I felt confident enough, brave enough. But it was short lived; my acne returned, and reached a point I felt was even worse than my teenage years. Good God, what the hell is going on?! View Post

How To Be A Festival Camping Pro! (+ Fuji Rock Festival Camping Guide)

Festival camping kind of sucks. It’s cramped, it’s noisy, it’s dirty, and if it’s rainy weather then God help you if you’ve pitched under a tree. But there are plenty of things you can do to make your life easier, quieter, and legit fresher. Today, I want to take you through a few of the tips and tricks I’ve learned that will hurl your life out of Fuji Rock festival camping hell, and into some kind of serenity. View Post