Davroe Haircare Review (Anti Dandruff, Colour Senses & More!)

davroe haircare shampoo conditioner review

For way too long, I’ve had problems with my hair: annoying, flaky dandruff, bone-dry frizz and oily grossness were all things I figured were simply my life. I’d accepted my fate! But since going vegan, I’ve been re-assessing a lot of things in my life, including my beauty and hair care products. Davroe was a vegan brand that kept coming up time and time again. So, I bit the bullet, I paid the hefty price, and I’m actually glad I did.

Davroe is an all-natural, cruelty free, vegan hair care brand made in Australia. How they’ve managed to tick that many boxes is in itself a miracle. And I guess, because they’re trying to tick as many boxes as possible, something’s gotta give. And in this case, it’s the price. It’s a bit of a “You can’t have your vegan cake and eat it too” situation. But, I can forgive this. Why? Well, in short: it works. It actually, legitimately works.

Today, I’ll be having a chat about three products from Davroe: their anti dandruff shampoo, colour senses repair conditioner and smooth senses conditioner.

Davroe haircare anti dandruff shampoo review

Davroe anti dandruff shampoo review

Davroe anti dandruff shampoo review

I’ve tried a ridiculous amount of anti dandruff shampoo’s over the years, and the only one I’d found that really worked was Selsun Blue. I must’ve used it for more than 10 years, because I recall using it when I was in high school. It was cheap, but there was always a draw-back: it was incredibly drying. I’d wanted to change for a long time, and going vegan gave me the last kick I needed to find an alternative.

Davroe’s anti dandruff shampoo, is it.

I still wash my hair in much the same way: double shampoo, with my head upside down, every couple of days. However, with Davroe, I find that I need less shampoo! Which, at $27.95 a bottle, is a good thing. This product has helped my flaky scalp so much, I almost can’t believe it. I used to get very distinct patches of flakes on my crown that were bumpy and chunky. Gross right? And because my hair was getting so dried out from the Selsun Blue, it would turn oily super quick. Taking a punt on a more high-end product wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I’m no gambler! I don’t even buy scratchies. But, this has been incredible for me. It’s one of those products that proves we don’t need animal derivatives in our beauty products. We can get the results we deserve with plants! I have since re-purchased this, and will continue to do so. I definitely recommend it to any of you who have suffered the same, and are ready for the solution.

Davroe conditioner review

Davroe conditioner review

Davroe conditioner review

Davroe conditioner review

Probably one of the worst hair situations anyone can have is dandruff + coloured locks. Why? Well, most dandruff shampoo has an awesome side effect: stripped hair. They work so damn hard to remove the flakes, they end up removing everything else, too. So I decided that I would invest in a conditioner that would hopefully be the colour-locking work horse I needed. The Davroe Colour Senses Repair Conditioner retails for $27.95, and I feel like it does a pretty good job. It’s extremely difficult to keep red hair looking red once you step out of the salon. And my hair in particular seems to love rejecting colour. Using this conditioner however, certainly had a noticeable effect on life of my dye job. Having said that though, I found that the other claims it makes about adding vibrancy and shine weren’t applicable to me. I wish they were! So while I did buy this product and very much enjoyed it, when it came to buying another, I decided to switch it up. Which brings me to their Smooth Senses Conditioner.

Davroe haircare smooth senses shampoo conditionerAnd I’m going to have to apologise for nicking this pic from their website to include in this blog post, but I only recently bought this conditioner and don’t have any pretty pics of my own to show and tell! But even though I only just purchased it, I wanted to talk about it, because it is fab. Once again, at $26.95, this isn’t cheap, but one of the reasons I wanted to snatch it up was because my hair is incredibly dry. Maybe it’s my water, maybe it’s just my dumb hair, I don’t know, but I really struggle with frizz. I like to leave my hair to air dry naturally, and while it may have some cute and sassy waves in it at first, the moment I brush it… dear Lord. No. Just… so much no. The colour senses conditioner did a so-so job at dealing with my frizz, so when it came to re-purchasing, I decided to swap it out for this one. And so far… so good! I don’t know if it will affect my colour retention, but it certainly controls my frizz. And the smell is insane. You’ll be constantly getting wafts of yourself wondering “Who just walked out a salon?” Just fabulous! I’m pretty convinced this will become a re-purchase.


Long story short: take the plunge. Generally speaking, I like to keep my beauty on a budget. It’s probably why I’ve resisted buying high end hair products for years. Why can’t I just go to the supermarket and get what I need, right? Well, now I know that’s just not reality. Sure, there are vegan options in supermarkets, but the results are incredibly varied. And if you’re concerned about the long-term effects of your products on your health, and the environment, then it’s worth exploring other options. Dropping almost $60 on basic items such as shampoo and conditioner seems like a complete rip-off, and I have no doubt it’s the main factor turning people off. I hope that, as vegan products become more popular, that basics such as these will drop in price in the future. More people deserve to try them out without feeling like they have to give up other things in their life. But ultimately, I think that if you’re going to splurge on anything, then this brand is worth it. They’re worth supporting, and you will get enough bang for your buck.

You can purchase Davroe products through their website, or in-store at Hairhouse Warehouse and Price Attack.

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  1. George
    March 29, 2018 / 11:33 pm

    Good feedback on the senses conditioner about controlling frizz. I live in Sydney and the humidity can make my hair just unmanageable. I prefer sulphate free and paraban free hair products and I’ve been using these products for over 14 years now and never looked back. Your hair will thank you for it. I usually recommend O&M and Théorie hair products but giving this new product a go as I like to swap out hair products every few months to make sure my hair doesn’t get use to it.

    • April 2, 2018 / 10:07 pm

      Hey George! Thanks heaps for that comment. I haven’t heard of those other brands before! I really like your tip about swapping products out, plus sometimes it’s nice to try new things.

  2. Denny Rosey
    August 19, 2018 / 4:31 pm

    Hi Jess
    For once I forked out a lot of money for hair products and wasn’t disappointed. The Davroe volumising shampoo worked splendidly but can you tell me if it contains silicones. I agree with you strongly about Davroe’s pricing as it is close to being out of bounds for people on low incomes however good the product might be.

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