Innoxa Makeup Review! Daytime Neutrals And Rose & Berry Blush Duo

innoxa makeup review jess bunty

I have no idea when my Veganniversary is, but I’m pretty sure it’s been at least a year since I went ‘official’. Switching out my diet for plant-based options was straight-forward enough. But my makeup? My skincare? Major struggle street! So today, I’d like to give you the skinny on a cruelty-free makeup brand called Innoxa, and review a couple of their products: the Daytime Neutrals eyeshadow palette, and the Rose & Berry Blush duo. Are these the answers to my vegan makeup woes?

Innoxa is an Australian brand which offers very affordable skincare and cosmetics. You can easily snatch up their products at Priceline, chemists and online. I hadn’t used any of their products before, but when Priceline had their 40% off cosmetics sale a little while I ago, I figured “It’s time!” But being a newbie to their brand, I’ve started off slow, picking only a couple of items I felt confident I could get some use out of, instead of splurging on eventual disappointments. God knows, I’ve got enough of those floating around my bathroom cabinet.

Innoxa blush duo jess bunty

Innoxa blush duo jess bunty

Innoxa blush duo jess bunty

Innoxa blush duo swatches review jess bunty

First up, the blush duo. The Rose & Berry Blush Palette is a sweet little thing. I feel like the peach and rose tones are very ‘safe’ for a lot of skin tones, and they are subtle enough for daytime wear. They are a matte finish, which to me is super important: I don’t need any more shine on this face! The colour payoff is fab, very impressed. Sometimes when I buy budget cosmetics, they look stunning in the pan but fail on the face. These however, are smooth and easily build-able if you want more colour, but can also provide enough of a flush with just a few swipes. I reckon that for $14.95 RRP, you are very much getting your money’s worth, and then some. I’ve used this little duo a few times now, and I’m super happy with the application and effect it gives. In addition, I feel like it has good longevity. I’ve heard that blush can sometimes fade over time. I have no idea where it goes or how, but for some reason it disappears. This blush duo from Innoxa however, doesn’t fade away. Success!

I guess I don’t have anything bad to say about this blush duo! It’s vegan, it’s certified cruelty-free, it’s inexpensive, it lasts a long time, and it does exactly what it says on the plastic packaging. So let’s move on then to the eyeshadow palette.

Innoxa eyeshadow review jess bunty

Innoxa eyeshadow review jess bunty

Innoxa eyeshadow review jess bunty

Innoxa eyeshadow review jess bunty

Innoxa eyeshadow review jess bunty

Like I said at the start of this review, I wanted to test out products I felt I would be able to get good use out of. So when I saw this neutral eye palette, I felt it fit the bill. I was also under the impression it was vegan, but for some reason… I’m not 100% sure if that’s true. It says on the Innoxa vegan products list that it is, but then why doesn’t it state that on the website? Hmm…

Slight worries aside, it is most definitely certified cruelty-free. It contains four simple neutrals, a mirror, and a little sponge paddle brush, all within a tough plastic case. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect in terms of colours or effects when I purchased this, as it was difficult to tell if it was matte, shimmery or glittery. And what I got was a combination of all three.

The cream, beige and copper tones all have a sheen to them, and the beige is particularly glittery. I can see actual sparkles on my eyelids when I use it! This isn’t a bad thing really, but if you’re a huge matte shadow fan, then this straight up isn’t the palette for you. The only matte finish is from the deep chocolate.

All of the eyeshadows are smooth and blend well. They are somewhat build-able too, but not a huge amount. If you wore them with an eye primer, then perhaps it would be easier. But I’m lazy and broke, and ain’t got time for that. So I like to either use a single shade on it’s own and blend it out for a quick look, or use a couple together if I’m feeling fancy. The chocolate tone is lovely as a kind of eyeliner, and I’ve found it easy to smoke out for those extra fancy days or nights out.

Two last things I wanted to comment on for this specific palette are the smell, and the sparkle. So, the smell… it’s not bad, but it does have a waft of old-school face powder about it. It makes me remember my nan, and how she’d always wear loose powder. It’s that kind of scent, and I don’t know why they’ve used it here. Again, it’s not terrible, but I can’t figure out what made them decide that ‘grandma powder puff girl’ was appropriate. And lastly, that glitter! That shine! While I wish that this aspect of the palette was made more explicit on their site, I gotta give them props for going all the way. Like the blush duo, this product comes in at $14.95 RRP, and sometimes when you get cheaper, shimmery products, they quickly show how superficial the shine actually is. After just a few swipes of the brush, all the glitter is gone, and you feel seriously ripped off. That is not the case with this palette! I’ve used each colour multiple times now, and what you see is literally what you will get for the life of the product. Those specks of shine, those glimpses of glitter, are right through the whole pan. Thank Jeebus.


So far, so good! I know that this brand has a vast product range, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. These two products are a thumbs up from me, and have given me the confidence to continue purchasing from them. The price point is incredibly accessible, and the quality is high. I love that an Australian brand is producing fantastic cosmetics like these, and is working hard to ensure everything remains cruelty-free. When Priceline has another huge sale, you can bet I’ll be ready and waiting to grab as many products from this brand as possible! But honestly, they are already completely worth the RRP, so jump on it ladies and gents! Get on the Innoxa bandwagon!

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    Hi my name is Tracey Purcell

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