Testing Long-wearing Makeup On Oily & Acne Prone Skin!

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Hey crew! It’s time to test some long-wearing makeup! I decided to film a long Get Ready With Me (GRWM) on my glossy, oily, acne prone skin, with some new makeup and lots of chats. But this is a BLOG, not a YouTube video! So now I’ve got a chance to go a bit more “in depth” with my feelings about these products. SPOILER ALERT: don’t waste your money on the concealer!


Australis 16 hour StayPut foundation. I posted a full, detailed review of this last week, so there’s no real point being a broken record. In short: it’s cheap ($16.49), it works, give it crack. Crap shade range though. If you’d like a blow-by-blow in real time account of the effectiveness of this foundation, then check out my YouTube review:

Essence concealer stick. Retailing at $4.01 (what is with these weird prices?) it’s just… not even worth that. Can I be that blunt? Well there you go. It does an alright job at covering up, at first, but it quickly begins to struggle, slip and crease. Sometimes cheap is cheap for a reason. Bit of a shame, as I love their longwear foundation!

Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder. I’ve been using this for years. It’s a staple of my makeup routine, and if I’m feeling especially lazy, I don’t bother to wear anything else! It retails for $12.95, and while there’s 6 different shades to pick from, they aren’t particularly true to the images on the website. I tried ‘Darkest Brown’, hoping it would be a sort of contour. It’s not. It’s barely darker than my usual pick ‘Deep Natural’, which can be too pale for me at times. Super weird!

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. I haven’t used this product for literally months. When I first used it, I was turned completely off by the fact it turned my face grey! I was super disappointed, especially after all the great reviews I’d seen. However, this time… it was like it didn’t work at all! I really had to load up my brush and buff like crazy to get some of this colour onto my face. On one hand, I’m glad it’s not particularly dark. But on the other… what gives?? ($17.78)

Innoxa Blush Duo. This, and the eyeshadow, are products I have tested before. I really like that this is a simple, matte, build-able product. The colours are flattering for most skin types, and for this particular look I went with ‘Rose’. It’s a lovely, soft shade that doesn’t overpower the rest of the look ($14.95).


Innoxa eyeshadow. If you’re after a simple eyeshadow palette that’s easy to mix and match for daytime and nighttime looks, then this one is worth a look in. You get a lot of product for the price ($14.95), they’re super soft, and super pigmented. I used the glittery cream colour under my brows as a highlight, as well as in the inner corners. Next, I used the copper as a crease colour. I later used the beige on my lids, and the dark matte brown on my upper and lower lash lines.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I think that most of us have given this one a go by now. You’ve probably even got one floating around the bottom of your makeup case right now! These NYX pencils are best used as bases for other makeup, in order to enhance whatever colour you’re laying on top. I actually don’t use NYX products anymore due to their evil parent company, but I bought this on a whim when I wasn’t thinking of that bigger picture. Hmm! Such a shame really, because these pencils are really well priced ($9.95) and do a fab job.

Lorac Pro palette. An oldie but a goodie. I should really replace this with a full cruelty free, vegan palette, but until I can justify such a purchase I’ll continue using it. I used the matte black to line my eyes (because I have no idea how to use liquid liner for wings…), and a mid-brown shade to fill in my brows. If any of you know of another palette I should get to replace this one, by all means let me know!

Manicare eye lashes. I really struggled with these for some reason. For some reason, I could not apply my left lash correctly, and became very frustrated. I had even purchased the additional applicator to help me! But don’t bother with it, it’s pointless. Unless your eyeball curves exactly the same as the applicator, it won’t work. Anyway, the lashes weren’t terrible, but didn’t feel or look realistic. If that’s your bag, great. You’ll love them. If you’re interested in more realistic lashes – keep looking.

Natio Extreme Volumising mascara. I’ve just started using Natio, but already I feel they fall into that ‘hit and miss’ category. Their BB cream is a hit: I love the coverage it gives for those times I don’t need to be wearing makeup a long time. But this mascara… is a miss. Sorry. The brush is hard and non-flexible, the mascara does nothing in terms of volumising or lengthening, and I kind of feel it’s a bit “meh”. Also, it says it’s smudge-proof, but I’m not convinced of this either. Shame. ($15.95)


SAVVY Anti-Feathering Lip Liner. I don’t use lip liners much. I should, and it’s something I want to get more into. SAVVY make a range of lovely, creamy liners, but this particular one has nothing to do with adding colour. It’s more about making sure your lippy stays well within the lines! I don’t really have anything to compare this to, but it felt smooth, soft, and was very easy to use. I’ll use it again for sure! I’m interested in testing this with more lippy products ($6.95)

Australis Velourlips in San-Fran-Disco. This is the one I’ve had THE MOST questions about! On camera, it shows up fluorescent orange, but in real life it’s not quite as bright. It’s still super bright, but not fluoro! You might also be interested in how well this thing wears, since it is a liquid matte lipstick, and they are notoriously short-lived. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do much for the cause. After a couple of hours, and only a minimal amount of food, it began to chip and rub off. I noticed that it did ‘stain’ my lips for more than 8 hours, like the top layer disappeared but you could still clearly see colour on my lips. But, it was very patchy, and certainly didn’t look fresh. Perhaps this could be helped by exfoliating and moisturising the lips first? I’m willing to give it another try! ($10.49)


Vanity Planet. I’ve used Vanity Planet products for many years, and I’ve written an extensive review of this particular brush palette set, so if you like what you see then check that out. [Use JBRUSHES at checkout for 70% off RRP!]

Furless. I have a long-standing love for this brand. Their products, and their policies, are superb, and I cannot recommend them enough. I used brushes from their Purple Power and Teal palette sets.

PHEW! There you have it friends, all the things I popped on my face. Check out my super chilled GRWM video if you want to see more about how I apply these products, or you just want to hear my have a rant about fakes on Instagram.

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