Vanity Planet Vegan Makeup Brushes Review (& Bonus Discount Code!)

This post is a long time coming! I’ve been using these brushes in a range of videos for MONTHS, and now I can finally give you all the finer details on this cruelty-free, vegan makeup brush set from Vanity Planet (and get you that bonus discount code!). So let’s get on with the review! View Post

Davroe Haircare Review (Anti Dandruff, Colour Senses & More!)

For way too long, I’ve had problems with my hair: annoying, flaky dandruff, bone-dry frizz and oily grossness were all things I figured were simply my life. I’d accepted my fate! But since going vegan, I’ve been re-assessing a lot of things in my life, including my beauty and hair care products. Davroe was a vegan brand that kept coming up time and time again. So, I bit the bullet, I paid the hefty price, and I’m actually glad I did. View Post

Kill Acne Bacteria With Benzac AC (Gel & Wash Review)

Benzoyl peroxide. If you’ve ever had acne, there’s a fair chance you’ve heard of the stuff. Used all over the world for decades, it’s an absolute powerhouse ingredient that kicks acne bacteria’s butt. Loads of brands use it as a key ingredient, such as Acne.Org. Their ‘Treatment‘ is brilliant, and it works. If you need to slap a lot of BP all over your mug then it’s the way to go. Problem is… it’s online. Cue Benzac AC. View Post

Where Is Jess Bunty? (Version 2.whatever!)

Worst Australian Blogger of the year! Honestly, if I’m not the winner, then I’m a damn strong contender. There’s been multiple years in which I could have won this special award for ‘people who make promises and never bloody keep them’, and I didn’t even have to try! I literally didn’t even try. Although, coming back online, having a whinge, saying “OMG U GUYZ LIKE MY BAD LOL” and *insert excuses here* is pretty normal nowadays, right? Like, you see all your faves pulling that same shtick, telling you how much they suck and please won’t you forgive them. So screw it, here’s the truth. View Post

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System Full Review

More than 2 years has passed since I furiously scribbled and typed out this post, reviewing the Spin For Perfect Skin exfoliation brush. It’s been so bloody long, that not only have they updated that brush, but they’ve even come out with a new one! Well, when you’re onto a good thing, why not eh? Oh, and yes, I come bearing a discount code for this brush too! God I love discounts that never expire… Let’s go! View Post