Does Chocolate Causes Pimples? Acne Triggers And You!

 ACNE TRIGGERS. Sounds alarming, and it kinda is. Not so much due to what your trigger might be, but the process of discovering what it might be, and how you will now manage and live your life after finding out, can be depressing. No more chocolate? EVER?! Oh my God, please no… View Post

Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Brush Review

Walking down the aisle of my local Coles recently, I saw another new brush from yet another brand, trying to crack into the beauty brush business. It never used to be this way – I used to only get confused by exfoliation scrubs, now I have to deal with mechanical whiz-bang brushes too? I blame the Clarisonic. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, since the Clarisonic revolution, we’ve been given oodles of choice and information about this latest beauty essential. Today, I’ll be reviewing one of those choices: the Spin For Perfect Skin. I’ll also try to do a little bit of a comparison between the two brushes during the review. View Post