Vanity Planet Vegan Makeup Brushes Review (& Bonus Discount Code!)

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This post is a long time coming! I’ve been using these brushes in a range of videos for MONTHS, and now I can finally give you all the finer details on this cruelty-free, vegan makeup brush set from Vanity Planet (and get you that bonus discount code!). So let’s get on with the review!

First up, we are all #blessed that cruelty-free, vegan makeup options are becoming the norm. The world is shifting, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s brush sets like this which prove we don’t need to test on, or use, animals in our beauty regimes. But the flip side to this progression is how to rate such products. Do we judge them against equally ethical products, or not? Should they be able to stand alone, or are they allowed a pass for being an innovation? These are the kinds of things I want to consider with this review, and hopefully by the end you’ll be able to make up your own mind (or maybe the discount code will just straight up sway you!)

So here’s the nitty-gritty: the Vanity Planet Palette is a full professional brush set, containing 15 ‘essential’ brushes you would normally use in day-to-day life, or even if you were a professional MUA. The range is perfect, from full, fluffy face brushes, to more delicate eye brushes, all with soft, synthetic bristle fibres. Most of the handles are made of birchwood, and have shiny silver ferrules. They look good, they feel good, and they are super lightweight. The case is also synthetic; a faux-leather pouch with a simple clasp, it  gets the job done and every brush has its place. All-in-all, this set would normally retail for over $100, but you can totally get it for $24. Yep. Discount codes are like best kinds of life hacks, amirite? Here’s a few detailed images to help give you an idea of what to expect when you purchase this particular brush set:

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

And now for my personal review, based on my experience and history using synthetic brushes.

These brushes from Vanity Planet are probably a 7/10 when it comes to brushes. Certainly above average compared to some shockers I’ve stabbed my face with, but not quite the best of the bunch either. And here’s why.

The bristles are definitely lovely and soft, and I appreciate the fact that there’s a lot of them! I cannot stand having thin bristled brushes. I want that thick luxurious bush! So huge props for creating a range of brushes which deliver. But I gotta be honest – there is a small amount of fall-out, and I’ve seen more than one rogue bristle poking out from the bunch. I don’t know if this comes down to the type of synthetic hair used, the glue or the ferrule, but it is a minor annoyance.

I appreciate the lengths taken by Vanity Planet to produce a product which emphasises cleanliness and sanitation. Each brush comes wrapped in it’s own little plastic sheath, and the faux-leather pouch is designed to protect each individual brush from cross-contamination of colour. But the environmentally-aware hippy in me was screaming about all that excess plastic! Thank goodness for soft plastic recycling. But it’s not just the plastic that made me sigh – the pouch did too. However, this is mainly a personal gripe: due to having collected so many brushes over the years, I feel like the pouch is a superfluous waste. If this is your first brush set, or a gift, then the pouch is perfection. But if you’re a brush fanatic, or indeed a professional MUA, then it might make you wonder “What’s the point?”

Vanity planet makeup brushes review12

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review

Vanity planet makeup brushes review
Having said that though, the pouch is at least of good quality. Sure, it has that slight synthetic whiff on arrival, but that’s to be expected. The design is simple, clean and easy to use. The clasp isn’t some cheap bit of crap that will break on you, and the faux-leather material feels tough and reliable. Inside, each brush has its own home, and most of them do the job. The only one that causes a stir is the chunky kabuki, a runt of a brush which doesn’t like to stay put! But really, I’m no designer, and I don’t know how they could have solved this particular pickle.

Another plus I need to give to them for this set is the birchwood handles. Now, one of my all-time favourite vegan brush brands is Furless. Thick, dense, bushy brushes in fantastical colours, and I still reach for them years later. BUT… their handles let them down. I accidentally dropped my Furless blush brush once, and the handle cracked open, revealing all its layers. Dammit. So thank goodness this won’t be a problem with the Vanity Planet brushes. Not that I’m about to slam them on the tiles to find out for sure, but I can tell that the handles are a sturdy, full-wood construction. That’s a huge deal when it comes to adding longevity to a brush set!

And lastly, probably one of the most important aspects of all: do they work, and do it well? My answer is… yes. I’ve used just about every brush in this set multiple times, and I am very happy with the quality of my finished face each time. I feel like this set could be further improved with a dense stippling brush to really buff in those liquids and creams, but I ultimately can’t find any major faults with the range of this set, or the quality finish they deliver.

So, where’s that discount code?! How can you get these brushes for 70% off the RRP?

Just click here and use my code at check-out: JBRUSHES

This code is available world-wide, and will never expire! Heck yes!

This is my own personal affiliate link, and I want to be transparent with that, because I know it’s common practice for bloggers to flog discount codes without disclaiming their affiliations. I don’t work for Vanity Planet, and they are not paying me for this review. However, if you chose to use that discount code, I will gain a commission! So it’s kind of a win/win situation all-round.

Fingers crossed you gained more info from this review, and let me know if you use the code!

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